www.nova-natureguide.net Providing nature-related information for Prince William & Fairfax Counties, Virginia

Q: Who compiled all this awesome information?

A:  Just me.  I'm a one-woman expedition.  For more about me and this website, see the "About NVNG" page.


Q:  Why haven't you included my favorite park, [insert park name here]?

A: I'm constantly adding new places and information, so there's a chance I just haven't gotten to your favorite yet.  But if I have left out a place good for enjoying nature (& which is not primarily a children's playground, & it is located in either Prince William or Fairfax County, Virginia) that you think should be included on my list, please contact me and let me know.  I'd love to visit it and write about it.


Q:  Why don't you include parks outside of Prince William and Fairfax counties in Virginia?

A:  I had to start somewhere, so I started with the area I live in and know best.  I did include some of my favorite "Further Afield" locations.  Perhaps in the future I'll expand my range even more.


Q:  Why don't you include a map showing where all these places are?

A:  I'm working on it.


Q:  Are these places safe?  What about wild animals?  What about biting insects?  What about muggers & rapists?

A:  Yes, in general these parks are safe (although I cannot, obviously, personally guarantee your absolute security from all dangers).  See my page on Safety to learn more about what you should prepare for and what you probably needn't worry about.


Q:  Do you lead nature hikes at any of these parks, refuges, and natural areas?

A:  Thank you for asking!  Yes, I can do this for individuals and small groups.  And if I'm not available for any reason, I can connect you to another naturalist who could do it.  Please contact me for more information.


Q:  Can you come to my school or organization to talk about [insert nature topic here]?

A:  Yes, I'd be happy to.  Please contact me for more information.


Q:  Are you endorsed, funded by, or in any way connected to any of the places you have on NVNG?

A:  None of the information on NVNG should be considered 'official.'  NVNG is not endorsed, funded, or in any way connected with any of the places I describe or link to.



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